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Need a place to stay?

Coastal Hotel and SuitesVirginia Beach Oceanfront

Please use this link to book your room or for anyone
wishing to call the hotel directly please use  
757-425-8200 or 1-800-443-4733

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Need a lift?

As part of the City’s Resort Area Mobility Plan (RAMP) which calls for enhanced shared mobility services in the resort area, the City is funding the Freebee microtransit service for a one-year pilot program to gauge its usage. During the one-year pilot program, the City is investing $550,000 from the Parking Enterprise Fund to support five vehicles operating 12 hours a day. The Parking Enterprsie Fund consists of parking revenues collected at parking lots, garages and meters. 


Freebee provides convenient and FREE door-to-door, on-demand public transportation for residents and visitors throughout the resort area in all-electric Tesla Model X vehicles. The vehicles operate seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and are available to everyone. Operating hours will be adjusted seasonally. 


Freebee Microtransit Service :: - City of Virginia Beach

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DoubleTree by Hilton

Please use this link here to book your room 

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